Published: Wed, March 21, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

The Banner Saga Trilogy and More Indies Announced for Switch

The Banner Saga Trilogy and More Indies Announced for Switch

To watch a replay of the presentation, head on over here.

Banner Saga 3 expands on the success of the first two titles by adding new elements to its choice-driven, turn-based combat system.

The highlight of today's Nindies Showcase has to be the confirmation that The Messenger will be coming to the Switch this Summer.

Mark of the Ninja Remastered.

Speaking of stunning, Bomb Chicken, Fantasy Strike and Light Fall all showed just how visually appealing indie games can be. Guess what? It's a Switch first and out in the spring.

Just Shapes and Beats: Described as a 'bullet-hell rhythm game, ' Just Shapes and Beats will launch first on Nintendo Switch this summer.

A fighting game designed from the ground up to be so easy to control that even non-fighting game players can play it, yet deep enough to play in tournaments.

Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered Releases Today
Later, these same sources began to report that Greece would instead be saved for the game that would follow Origins. We don't yet know what it's going to be called, or even its internal codename ( Origins' codename was Empire).

"Inspired by the gloriously gory VHS era of B-movies, Garage is a top-down shooter set in a gritty underworld". Players will mow down hordes of undead and mutants with plenty of weapons in this isometric action game.

More than 100 levels await players in this game, in which everything - from jungles to deserts to cities - is one giant cartoon game of pool.

Players will navigate "deadly shapes" solo or in local or online co-op multiplayer.

A bit less weird is Bomb Chicken - OK, still weird - which is a "chicken platformer" where you try to infiltrate BFC to discover what's behind their signature hot sauce recipe. From laying stacks to reach high places, to barricade enemies, or for the simple goal of destruction, there's plenty of explosive fun to be had.

It's not entirely clear as of yet what changes we'll see in this remastered version of the game, but expect more information as it draws closer to launch later this fall.

Additionally, the game's Twitter account tweeted out an image of The Banner Saga 3 running on a Nintendo Switch console, showing that the game's development for the platform is going smoothly enough.

Strategy game Reigns: Kings and Queens will be available this spring.

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