Published: Sat, March 17, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Fortnite's llamas have been delayed due to an "issue"

Fortnite's llamas have been delayed due to an

Invitations are already being sent out to players. We have for you today the Fortnite update 1.50 patch notes, so you can know all of the changes and fixes for the game in this version V3.3 update.

When Fortnite was first released it was a simple PVE game where players banded together to construct bases while fighting off zombie hordes.

You'll be asked to enter some details, including your e-mail address and the device model you're using.

If you don't receive an invite right away, don't worry. So while Fortnite will ultimately support cross-play with those platforms, you might want to stick to mobile-only matches at the start.

To get an invite you can either download the game first and follow the instructions in the app, or you can sign up on Fortnite's website directly. It's best to upgrade now if you have been waiting for the game to arrive.

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On the Battle Royale side of things is where you'll find the remote explosives and supply llamas.

"Fortnite Battle Royale" is the completely free 100-player PvP mode in "Fortnite", with building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat coming into play in one giant map. However if you already have a friend who managed to receive their invite, they will be able to invite you into the game thus skipping out on the queue.

Fortnite Party Royale appears to be the name of the larger event, which is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles alongside E3 2018.

Though it's welcome to see feature parity on par with the game on PC and consoles, it results in having an exceptionally cluttered iPhone screen. The new challenges include Search Chests in Flush Factory, Visit different Ice Cream Trucks, Search between a Vehicle Tower, Rock Sculpture, and a Circle of Hedges, and others.

Jason Parker from Cnet seemed quite impressed with Fortnite mobile, but noted that the experience is "far from flawless".

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