Published: Fri, March 16, 2018
Markets | By Erika Turner

Report Reveals Amazon's Internal Prime Video Data

Report Reveals Amazon's Internal Prime Video Data

According to the report, 1.15 million people chose to sign up for Amazon's Prime service to watch the show. Amazon will be developing more drama series and spin-off series to attempt to grow Prime outside of the United States where the potential for growth is largest.

Other original programming of note includes The Man in the High Castle which drew in 1.15 million new subscriptions at a cost of $63 each. With that first batch of 13 episodes apparently costing $49 (£35.04) per new subscriber which is far less than the $99 (and equivalents) that Amazon charges for Prime Membership. However, of that 26 million, original content for the service helped draw in 5 million new subscribers for Amazon Prime. Its third season was drawing just 1.3 million viewers.

Amazon's original series Transparent, now in its fourth season, is not one of the company's most viewed, according to Reuters. The series' cost per new customer was about $1560, according to the documents.

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Reuters also published audience sizes for several shows, but it didn't say whether its figures measured the average audience per episode or simply how many people watched a single episode of a series, nor what sort of time frame was measured (the first month a show was available, or cumulative consumption of a show from its premiere date through early 2017, the date on the obtained documents).

While those viewership numbers for Good Girls Revolt are damning, there were other issues at play as well. Even for those who genuinely enjoyed the first season of the Amazon show, the second one was painstaking to get through. Significantly, the documents shed light on the financial strategy of Prime Originals - specifically, how Amazon's entertainment venture contributes to the growth of its Prime subscriber base, and overall subscription business profitability. Amazon has never officially revealed viewership numbers for Amazon Prime. All told, Amazon has an estimated 90 million Prime subscribers. With 26 million people watching videos through the service, that means there are tens of millions more people with access to the library of videos that aren't yet watching.

Amazon doesn't make the viewership numbers for its Prime Video content public so it's hard to ascertain the popularity of the content market-wise. In November, Amazon won the rights to the Lord of the Rings universe for an estimated $200 to $250 million.

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