Published: Thu, March 15, 2018
Markets | By Erika Turner

Microsoft expands the Cloud - including Swiss Datacenters

Microsoft expands the Cloud - including Swiss Datacenters

Etisalat Digital, a business unit of Etisalat, is closely working with Microsoft to ensure efficient implementation of Cloud Solutions, offering integrated connectivity with Microsoft ExpressRoute as well as private cloud servers. The company is also expanding cloud options for it customers in Germany.

Microsoft today announced plans to deliver its Microsoft Cloud services to the region from the company's first datacenters located in the Middle East.

"Driven by strong customer demand for cloud computing, local datacenters were the logical next step given the enormous opportunity that the cloud presents", says Sayed Hashish, regional general manager, Microsoft Gulf.

Pa.'s Lamb-Saccone race too close to call, AP says
Pennsylvania's Supreme Court struck down the congressional map in January, determining that it violated the state's constitution. Democrat Conor Lamb is playing down comments by political pundits that the contest for a House seat in Pennsylvania against Rep.

Microsoft's cloud expansion has been full-steam ahead for several years with the company having 38 regions online with 12 additional regions announced. Microsoft is planning to bring Dynamics 365 to France in early 2019. That followed a few quarters of slower investment as Microsoft filled data centers it had already built. That helps speed data transfers and satisfies local laws and preferences for storing some information in a client's home country. "There are absolutely some customers that value data residency and it is essential".

In France, the Microsoft Cloud is now open to thousands of customers, partners and ISVs with today's general availability of both Azure and Office 365. We intend to be the first global cloud operator to introduce cloud regions in Switzerland, which will be in the cantons of Geneva and Zurich. Microsoft said this is a first for an global cloud provider to have a local site in Switzerland, and the move follows consultation with local financial service providers about their needs. The tradeoff is that they don't control the entire data centers and can't optimize them to be as power efficient as the massive data center facilities companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft operate in the U.S. That means, data center facilities in far-flung locations like Antarctica are likely not coming anytime soon.

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