Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
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What you need to know about the return of 'American Idol'

What you need to know about the return of 'American Idol'

And now, after 10 years and a lot of aging and learning and providence, I can take all that information and really mentor and give constructive criticism, because that's really what we do. Which is fine. But there are certain moments that lean into that good ol" "merican impulse a little too much.

ABC hasn't officially said the show is canceled, but it also doesn't have any current casting notices on the network website. But at a time when real-life events have left audiences hungry for familiar, soothing television, ABC's version of "American Idol" just might fit that bill.

If ABC has set lower expectations, then those can nearly certainly be met - not necessarily aspiring to become the music competition version of "America's Funniest Home Videos", but a franchise that can match or marginally improve upon those waning days on Fox. The season two finale (Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken) attracted 38 million viewers. At one point, she playfully offered a smooch to a shy male contestant who claimed he had never kissed a girl.

But all Death Stars come to an end.

After tonight's premiere, it's unclear if the show will produce another Carrie Underwood, but rest assured that's the ultimate goal. But can you rebuild the Death Star? ABC dumped the six episodes on three Saturdays in late May and early June 2014. If "Idol" comes in at the high 1s or low 2s - ABC has reportedly guaranteed advertisers a 1.8 - it will come out as a plus for the network.

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Ripa's audition may not have ended the way she hoped, but a new crop of singers will get the chance to duke it out in the upcoming season of the show. The new Idol judges include singers Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Ritchie, with Seacrest reprising his former role as host. One of the most memorable auditions is delivered by Catie Turner. She's got charm and charisma, and she's not afraid to have some spontaneous fun.

Luke says he's also looking for a combination of things. During the two-hour premiere (Sunday, March 11), the personalities of the judges will be revealed as they react to more than a dozen young aspiring singers auditioning.

With all of the success of NBC's "The Voice" overshadowing it's older, trailblazing singing-competition show, the student became the master. That's when more than 13 million viewers watched host Ryan Seacrest sign off from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood for the final time. But this brings us to yet another doubt hanging over the show's return.

Moreover, following an uneventful night on the Oscars red carpet, Seacrest, who has been accused of sexual misconduct, has been operating business as usual in the days that have followed.

But that doesn't fit with Seacrest's American Idol image, and, as Sonia Saraiya writes in a must-read column about the immunity he's been given, "it is convenient for many wealthy and powerful entities in the industry to believe him - and correspondingly inconvenient to believe her". I stand by him.

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