Published: Sun, March 11, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Speaker Ryan Applauds President Trump for Efforts to Hold Trade Abusers Accountable

Speaker Ryan Applauds President Trump for Efforts to Hold Trade Abusers Accountable

An analysis by Brookings Institution a year ago showed that areas that voted for Trump are more dependent on exports, which foreign countries could target in retaliation.

Congress now has several options: it could pass a law taking back from Trump powers regarding commercial matters, which have been doled out to the White House progressively since the 1930s for purposes of efficiency.In the case of these tariffs, the Republican leader used a 1962 law authorizing the president to tax certain imports in the name of national security protection - legislation rarely invoked in the past except in the notable case of oil.

"Trade wars are not won, they are only lost", Flake said in a statement shortly after the president signed the tariff proclamations.

But the president says, "We're going to be very flexible".

The president announced a 10 percent tax on imported aluminum and a 25 percent tax on imported steel, carving out exceptions for imports from Canada and Mexico. But he added, "If they aren't going to make a fair NAFTA deal, we're just going to leave it this way". Both said they are continuing to lobby the president to change course. The people said the exclusions for Canada and Mexico could be ended if talks to renegotiate NAFTA stall.

"We have to protect & build our Steel and Aluminum Industries while at the same time showing great flexibility and cooperation toward those that are real friends and treat us fairly on both trade and the military".

On Twitter, Trumpka called the tariff a "good steps towards fixing predatory practices that hurt workers & cheat companies that produce in U.S.".

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Johnson said he expected Trump's action, which takes effect in 15 days, to be challenged in court.

The tariffs will be made official in the next two weeks, White House officials said.

The speaker has urged the president to reconsider imposing tariffs on foreign imports over fears of a possible trade war with America's closest allies.

"You have 140 thousand steel production workers".

Even before entering politics, Trump the businessman and real estate developer railed against what he viewed as unfair trade practices that left the US economy and American workers vulnerable. The cost of new appliances, cars and buildings will rise for Americans if the president follows through, they warn, and other nations could retaliate.

"We have a conducive tax and regulatory-the economy looks good". The president said US political leaders preceding him had allowed the decline of manufacturing in the nation, and cited a protectionist predecessor, President William McKinley, in defense of the tariffs.

The White House, however, held out the possibility of exemption or delayed execution of the order for some countries, notably neighbours Canada and Mexico with which the United States has been engaged in talks aimed at a revamp of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that Trump has been insisting upon.

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