Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

'Jurassic World Alive' Wants You to Capture Dinosaurs, Pokemon Go-Style

'Jurassic World Alive' Wants You to Capture Dinosaurs, Pokemon Go-Style

Similar to Pokemon Go, Jurassic World Alive is a location-based game that encourages players to get outside and discover dinosaurs around them in augmented reality.

After Pokemon Go hit the global stage and was a hit among game enthusiasts, R games started coming up with more out of the box ideas.

All things considered, with the popularity of the Jurassic Park franchise backing Jurassic World Alive, it's quite possible that the forthcoming ARG from Ludia will go on to be a smashing success with dinosaur lovers and fans of the property. It seems like 2018 will give us plenty of options with Jurassic World Alive and the upcoming Ghostbusters and Harry Potter AR games.

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Quite likePokemon Go, this game will require enabling the Global Positioning System of one's phone to enable one to roam about in one's locality or wherever one is travel so that one can interacting with dinosaurs. "Explore your surrounding area to find your favorite dinosaurs". Pokemon Go players will find themselves instantly familiar with the game.

From the relative safety of their own homes, players can collect nearby dinosaurs' DNA by deploying an in-game drone.

In our opinion, this is a welcome change of pace, since this might be the first decent tribute to Pokemon GO to appear, and after such a long time since the original Augmented Reality game showed up. After creating genetically modified dinosaurs in a lab, they can then be used in real-time, player-vs. -player battles to earn rewards. The developer's games portfolio including "Jurassic World: The Game", "What's Your Story?", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends", "Dragons: Rise of Berk", "Family Feud 2 & Friends" and "The Price Is Right". The plan is to regularly keep the game fresh with lots more dinosaurs to unlock. Being released on iOS and Android, later this spring, Jurassic World Alive conveniently lines its release particularly close to the debut of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. "We are thrilled to once again work with Ludia and think this will be the biggest and most exciting game in the franchise yet!" Players can even opt to pre-register now at the official site.

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