Published: Sat, March 03, 2018
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Dalton teacher arrested after firing handgun at school

Dalton teacher arrested after firing handgun at school

Bartoo describes Davidson as an excellent teacher.

Some students are coming to his defense saying Davidson's actions do not reflect the man they know.

No students were hit, but cellphone video from inside the school showed students running out of the building.

FRAZIER: "Through an exterior window of the classroom". The students told the principal, who tried to enter.

The President said specially trained teachers with concealed weapons would be the best deterrent against a "savage sicko" with "bad intentions". According to Frazier, that injury was a hurt ankle suffered by a young girl "fleeing in the pandemonium".

Davidson was recognized as the school's top teacher in 2012, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He said the social studies teacher was not allowing students in his classroom and telling people to go away.

Bartoo returned a short time later and put his key in the door 'and again he slammed the door before I could open it and he said, "Don't come in here, I have a gun"'.

In this February 24, 2018 photo, the main entrance of Dalton High School is shown, in Dalton, Georgia, US. Emma, a junior, said in texts that her teacher had turned the lights off and told the students to sit in a corner.

"I think that maybe we should have more officers in the school", she told Cuomo. I know I am that nobody was hurt.

Students like Ramirez are standing up for their teacher.

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Rosenbluh said this most recent incident floored him.

A second police report involving Davidson was filed on January 25, 2017.

In March of 2016, he tried to confess to having someone killed. The report concludes that he was delusional. He was found walking on a nearby street.

BARTOO: "I mean he's a good teacher and um, I would be surprised with any of our teachers if that occurs". Absolutely. Fit to be a teacher. Police in Georgia say a teacher apparently fired a handgun Wednesday and barricaded himself in the classroom for about 30 minutes before he was taken into custody. The deputy told Davidson's wife Lisa and their daughter to seek safety in his patrol vehicle. "I was scared. I was anxious about my child". When asked if this event was a surprise, the principal said, "absolutely".

School officials say they can't talk about mental health issues of specific staff members. Ramirez hopes that changes. Buses transported students off campus to a local convention center.

At that point, Davidson reportedly fired a single shot from a pistol.

Davidson had taught at Dalton High School since 2004.

Asst. Chief Cliff Cason of the Dalton Police Department said authorities are now aware of one shot going off and that it was sacked through the classroom window and went outside the building.

The teacher who was arrested in a shooting at a north Georgia high school after allegedly firing a gun in a classroom waived his first court appearance on Thursday.

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