Published: Thu, March 01, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition review - Scaled down but still great

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition review - Scaled down but still great

So what sort of rig will you need to get this running at Ultimate Quality?

As promised, Square Enix released the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition demo for PC. Boasting a wealth of bonus content and supporting Native 4K (3840×2160px) ultra high-resolution graphical options and HDR 10, you can now enjoy the handsome and carefully-crafted experience of Final Fantasy 15 like never before.

Here's what we hope the fans will be making in Final Fantasy XV when mods get underway, our wishlist for everything that mods should add.

Square EnixFour more episodes have been confirmed for "Final Fantasy XV" that will complete the entire experience. The companions have their own abilities that can be utilized when available with just single taps, and a skill tree allows you to focus on powering up Noctis or spreading out experience/leveling games among the whole squad.

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In the final product, High-Res 4K textures will be an optional download and can be toggled on or off by the user.

The demo clocks in at 21 GB in size, and only contains the first chapter of the game, without any side-quests included.

Recommended specs for the game can be found here. Depending on the platform where you pre-order the game, you will receive different rewards. All of the additions will also be available for console as part of the Royal Edition, due to release on the same date as the Windows Edition.

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