Published: Sun, February 25, 2018
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Coalition of Governors combats gun violence

Coalition of Governors combats gun violence

We're all going to pass stronger gun laws in our states. The governors say the move ensures that states will be able to more effectively prevent certain people from buying guns, obtaining weapons, or getting gun permits. "Let's not just advocate for better laws in our own state, but advocate for better laws in our region". We can not sit back and let guns get into the hands of those who shouldn't have them, and we can not simply watch nearly daily tragedy occur. "So it has devolved to the states, now for over 20 years, and our thought is perhaps if we can do it in a coordinated way, the more of us at it, hopefully the better result and meaningfully propelling things like smart gun technology", Murphy said.

Rep. William Tong, the judiciary committee's co-chairman, said the first step has already been taken as the committee approved drafting bills banning so-called "bump stocks" and "ghost guns". Phil Murphy said the shooting accelerated their idea to form the coalition, which has been in the works for about a year.

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy agreed with Cuomo that the states can't wait for the federal government to act. Let's take it to the next step. Mr. David said he did not know how many guns have been seized on the basis of New York's list. That is where they are going to go in Washington. Why? "We will stand up with our students and with parents to strengthen our gun laws and combat gun violence". The multistate database will supplement the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System that's used to trace guns that are used in crimes. Share those databases with the other states.

The states will also share the findings of law enforcement agencies about where illegal guns came from and how they are transported to the Northeast.

The coalition will allow the states to share information regarding people who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms.

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In addition, the governors will designate institutes of higher education to create the Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium, described as the nation's first. Only 12 states require expanded background checks at gun shows for handguns as well as rifles and shotguns, according to the Brady Campaign, a gun control group.

NY and CT both passed new gun restrictions after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Similarly, New York State has a database of tens of thousands of people deemed too mentally unstable to carry firearms but those names are not part of the federal database that other states would use to see if they are eligible to buy a gun.

In addition to the SAFE Act, New York has continued to invest in the SNUG and GIVE initiatives which engage with community members to help get guns off the street.

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