Published: Sat, February 24, 2018
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US Embassy in Montenegro attacked with grenade, prompting security scare

US Embassy in Montenegro attacked with grenade, prompting security scare

According to the Guardian, a police vehicle blocked the street where the embassy is located.

The area was sealed off by the police and the embassy warned Americans to avoid the area because of "an active security situation".

Montenegro police say after he threw the grenade into the yard, he killed himself with another explosive device.

There are no reported deaths except of the attacker.

Eyewitnesses saw the assailant throw an object over the wall of the embassy compound, according to Steve Goldstein, the U.S. State Department's undersecretary for public diplomacy and public affairs. Officers came to the scene after receiving reports about two explosions and found a lifeless male body in the area of the Moraca river that runs through Podgorica, the statement said.

The embassy has asked local employees to stay home Thursday as a security precaution.

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Many in Montenegro remain opposed to the country's membership in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation because of the air war the alliance waged to stop the war in Kosovo when Montenegro was still part of Yugoslavia.

The government condemned the attack in the "strongest terms" and confirmed that the safety and security of mission personnel were not violated in the attack.

Last month, a court in Montenegro for the first time sentenced one of its citizens for having fought in Syria.

In October 2016, authorities said they had thwarted a plot by pro-Russian militants to storm parliament and oust the pro-Western government on the eve of general elections.

Montenegro, a small Adriatic state of some 660,000 people, joined North Atlantic Treaty Organisation last May. It joined North Atlantic Treaty Organisation previous year.

The Balkan country declared independence on June 2006, after it separated itself from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, a federation it established with Serbia in 1992.

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