Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Sea of Thieves Won't Have a Character Creator

Sea of Thieves Won't Have a Character Creator

Sea of Thieves looks like a must-have game for all die-hard pirate fans.

One thing you will be able to customize, however, is the design of your ship. The final game will be significantly different in this regard, as IGN reports that players will be presented with eight procedurally-generated pirates out of the gate to choose from as the player's avatar.

First of all, you should know that Sea of Thieves on Windows 10 will ship with an auto-detect experience that will give PC gamers "the Rare-certified spec based on your hardware".

Sea of Thieves will be released on 20 March for Xbox One and PC.

With this being an Xbox Play Anywhere title that means you will have the option of playing on both Xbox One and PC and the game is cross-platform between both of the platforms. Just what these microtransactions actually might entail beyond the basic pet system that's already confirmed is anyone's guess (the only descriptor is something that it'll "bring value to players" and remain cosmetic), but at least it won't involve gambling for what you want.

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"So it won't just be like, "oh, they've slapped microtransactions in the game, how interesting". You would spawn on an island and have to figure it out yourself.

Outside of that, Neate also explained that going back now to include the feature would be technically difficult: "I think going back and adding a split screen and stuff, the performance challenge would be really hard".

A full post about the new specs is available on the Sea of Thieves website. It is an online multiplayer video game where you can be a pirate that can sail the seas and do more like-minded activities. They can also take out or fix things that don't work or that players aren't enjoying. One of the first updates will introduce microtransactions. So if I've got a cat, I can pick up it up and look at it, or you can pick it up and run off with it.

Sea of Thieves is just over a month away from release, and although developer Rare will be helping its players simulate the life of a pirate, it's keen on keeping its own shady practices to a minimum. All major updates will be completely free.

"But what we're saying as a Rare developer is, we're going to turn on crossplay".

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