Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Apple Homepod fix costs nearly as much as a new speaker itself

Apple Homepod fix costs nearly as much as a new speaker itself

You can only use Apple Music, iTunes, or Beats 1 radio for voice-controlled music on the HomePod. We've seen the TV ads and scrolled through Apple's hyperbolic landing page, but we want to see an objective breakdown of the hardware from an unbiased source. Plus, everything syncs between the Apple Music you're enjoying on the HomePod and the version on your phone, so your preferences will carry over when you leave the house. That's cool, but it comes with some limitations.

The HomePod was set for a December 2017 release, but Apple delayed it to 2018, saying that it needed more time to flawless it. This manual effort takes about a minute and, just like the HomePod setup process, it only works on Apple iOS devices. We didn't see any latency that took the audio out of sync with the video, although dialog was hard to hear in some TV shows and movies. While the HomePod may technically be the better device for accurate sound reproduction, it's more important which speakers deliver the sound the listeners prefer.

Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from The Jolt Journal. The HomePod's bass was a bit boomy and overemphasized.

Equipped with a seven-tweeter array and a high-excursion woofer, the HomePod provides crisp, clear sound and deep, rich bass-an audio quality with which its more ubiquitous Amazon and Google competitors can't compete. I guess that was a given due to Apple's Music service.

But once the teardown experts made their way inside the device, they were impressed with what they found. Whether or not you agree with the analysis is up to you, but if you are interested you can head on over to Reddit for the technical details.

"HomePod is an Apple-only device, so it is much more limited in what it can control in terms of smart home gadgets", said Martin.

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As a smart home hub, the HomePod is desperately lacking. So, you could be looking at over $300 to get a HomePod fixed, if something goes wrong after the warranty expires.

And I haven't even gotten to how bad Siri is! It extends coverage to two years from the original purchase date and also adds up to two incidence of accidental damage protection, albeit with a $39 service fee (plus that pesky tax).

Built with an A8 chip that acts as the brain of the speaker, the HomePod easily transforms from speaker to home assistant.

It's slightly "muddy" sound placed it behind the Google Home Max, however.

If the reasons mentioned above aren't good enough to keep you away from a Homepod, you can get one here.

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