Published: Thu, February 08, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

North Korea's military parades hold nuclear clues

North Korea's military parades hold nuclear clues

North Korea accused the United States of planning to launch a "bloody nose" military strike against the country while promoting the threat of Pyongyang's nuclear weapons - much like it did before invading Iraq.

"We will continue to isolate North Korea until it abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile program once and for all".

Despite state propaganda pictures like this, many North Koreans are starving It is rumoured Kim loves Emmenthal cheese North Korea is a powerhouse in the sport of weightlifting.

"A limited pre-emptive strike on the DPRK is under consideration within the United States administration".

Critics also say that such a limited attack scheme may not work when handling an increasingly unpredictable and provocative Pyongyang.

If North Korea succeeds in building its nuclear arsenal, Kissinger warns that it could ultimately lead to proliferation throughout Asia. He believes that the US" new "low-yield' tactical atomic weapons could become a response to Pyongyang's nuclear program.

They had very few three-pointers to speak of; in other words, they were the opposite of what the NBA is supposed to be today. In fact, not only do they have deficiencies, but they do not even have the tools or resources to resolve those deficiencies.

"Yes, nuclear war is a very serious deal, but I think people would be mistaken to think that because the President has an ill-advised tweet, we're about to have nuclear war with the North Koreans", Rice replied.

North Korean diplomats once made a state request to officials in China pleading for them to stop referring to "glorious leader" Kim Jong-un as FAT.

More to the point, why is the administration not pursuing serious discussions with Russian Federation and China over nuclear arms limitations and reductions, confidence-building measures, and means to prevent accidental or inadvertent use and proliferation at a time when each of these states is modernizing its respective nuclear system? It was in recognition of it mission to "diminish the part played by nuclear arms in worldwide politics and, in the longer run, to eliminate such arms" that Pugwash and its co-founder, Sir Joseph Rotblat, were awarded the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize. In December, the United Nations unanimously approved the economic punishment of the dictatorial regime after its latest launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, signalling it may be capable of hitting the US mainland.

North Korea followed up July 28th with another ICBM test, this time reaching a height of 2,300 miles, which on the right trajectory could possibly have reached Washington D.C., 6,800 miles away.

On Tuesday a South Korean spokesman for the presidential Blue House said a report in a local newspaper about North Korea cash demands, in exchange for a nuclear freeze, is false, Kyunghyang Shinmun reported.

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