Published: Thu, February 08, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Justin Trudeau claims his 'peoplekind' comment was just a joke

Justin Trudeau claims his 'peoplekind' comment was just a joke

President Donald Trump's threat to tear up the North American free trade pact would cause economic suffering in the United States in a decision that would also be bad politics, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says.

Following the "peoplekind" interaction, Trudeau began to answer the woman's question about charitable volunteering, before she interrupted him right back to ask him to study the Bible with her.

The Toronto Sun's editorial page and many social media called the prime minister's behavior "mansplaining" and political correctness run amok.

The woman was going on about the need for more support for religious organizations and said maternal love was key to changing the future of mankind.

Interjecting before she had finished speaking, Trudeau said "we like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind".

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"One of your most infamous Chicagoans, Al Capone, who was as effective an importer of Canadian goods into the anyone once pointed out he didn't even know what street Canada was on". British media personality Piers Morgan also wrote about the remark, sarcastically saying, "Mankind ended last night".

The Opposition Conservatives also got in a few jabs, with deputy Tory leader Lisa Raitt urging the prime minister to "person up" during a testy exchange in the House of Commons.

The end of the video sees the woman thanking the prime minister for his correction. Updating NAFTA is a way to ensure the deal benefits a broader swath of people, the Liberals argue.

Not unlike Obama, Trudeau's progressive policies make him an easy punching bag for the USA right. He appeared Wednesday afternoon at the University of Chicago's Institute of Politics for a conversation with its founder and director, David Axelrod, who was once an adviser to former President Barack Obama.

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