Published: Wed, February 07, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Iran: US threatening Russian Federation with new nuclear weapons

Iran: US threatening Russian Federation with new nuclear weapons

His reluctance to talk about Russian Federation and its leader during his campaign and first year in office - and his refusal to impose sanctions on Russian Federation mandated by Congress - has fueled suspicions about what lies behind his persistently friendly stance toward Putin.

That probably will arise at a House hearing Tuesday featuring Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

"President Trump's Nuclear Posture Review is deeply troubling and is a unsafe departure from past reviews". It describes Putin as forcing America's hand to rebuild the nuclear force, as has a series of other documents produced by Trump's National Security Council and his Pentagon.

The strategy marks a resounding win for backers of the US nuclear enterprise and a setback for disarmament advocates.

The nuclear-weapons policy the Pentagon chief's team rolled out this past week offered full-throated support for the military's current and planned nuclear capabilities, including the new cruise missile and the ICBM fleet he once questioned. The deal is scheduled to expire in 2021.

The Pentagon's nuclear review concluded that while arms control can advance American interests, "further progress is hard to envision", in light of what the US considers Russia's aggression in Ukraine and violations of existing arms deals.

"Past assumptions that our capability to produce nuclear weapons would not be necessary and that we could permit the required infrastructure to age into obsolescence have proven to be mistaken", it argues. The United States reported it has been in compliance with the limits since August.

When the Obama administration did its own reset of the strategy in 2010, it argued the world could be made safer if the US reduced the role of nuclear weapons in defense strategy.

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"That's why we need to start new initiatives in Europe for arms control and disarmament", Gabriel said in a statement, adding that developing new weapons sent the wrong message and risked triggering an arms race. "It didn't work out that way".

The treaty signed by president Barack Obama was aimed at ushering in a new era in US-Russian relations and promoting the goal of doing away with nuclear arms.

Iran is accusing the USA of threatening Russian Federation with the use of new nuclear weapons following the Trump administration's call to expand nuclear capabilities in an aim to deter Moscow, Reuters reported Sunday. "Nothing in it deserves the criticism it has received".

If reports are to be believed, there are a couple of countries that have mounted nuclear missiles on land, in the sea and at air bases; and they can be triggered anytime at a very short notice.

China is "firmly opposed to this", Mr Ren said.

Freeman said a USA withdrawal from the IMF Treaty would presumably be premised on allegations that Russian Federation has been cheating on its obligations. Russian Federation is also developing, it adds, "at least two new intercontinental-range systems", as well as the autonomous torpedo.

The "tailored strategy" for Russia was meant to "pose insurmountable difficulties to any Russian strategy of aggression against the United States, its allies, or partners and ensure the credible prospect of unacceptably dire costs to the Russian leadership if it were to choose aggression", the document said.

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