Published: Sun, February 04, 2018
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Button pusher: "I thought it was real"

Button pusher:

"I was 100% sure that it was the right decision, that it was real", the warrant officer, who maintained his anonymity, told "NBC Nightly News" Friday. In the weeks since the January 13 incident, the worker said he has received death threats, with his lawyer adding that they are still deciding whether or not to sue the state.

Officials also said the worker had not heard a portion of the exercise that repeatedly declared it was an "exercise". "I don't say this for the goal of casting blame or disparaging Hawaiian officials". VIDEO: Children rushed into manhole for safety during Hawaii missile scareWhen he thought the threat was real, the worker said he felt a "terrible feeling of dread" and was "very emotional afterward". "Death threats, they've been coming into the agency".

The Jan. 13 alert was sent out to over 1 million people via cell phones and caused a mass hysteria among the locals, who already feared a nuclear attack by North Korea, thanks to the hate-mongering rhetoric of President Donald Trump.

Earlier the Federal Communications Commission investigation said no cooperation is being received from the employee of Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.

Correction to the mistake took 38 long minutes for the authorities to send a follow up message that the emergency alert was false. "I didn't hear exercise at all in the message or from my co-workers". So the beginning of the message was lost as far as [hearing the warning] "exercise".

"I heard the part, 'this is not a drill",' he said. "It was a fast-paced, rather chaotic office at the time". We were not ready for the call.

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"I can't say that I would do anything differently based on what I saw and heard", he told NBC.

The employee, who has since been terminated, said he worked at the Hawaii agency for 11.5 years. "I feel awful about it". Good morning, Marci. He feels so awful that in the week since he has barely been able to eat or sleep.

Retired Brig. Gen. Bruce Oliveira, who spearheaded the internal investigation, said the employee had performance issues in the past, and there were at least two incidents where he mistakenly thought a drill was an actual event.

Miyagi accepted full responsibility for the incident and the actions of his employees, Logan said.

He added that he thinks the "military should handle this job - missile notifications for Hawaii". Dan and Paula. I think a lot of people are learning a lot from this.

Two more employees have resigned, including the administrator of HI-EMA; a third employee will be suspended without pay, an official said Tuesday.

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