Published: Thu, February 01, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Android users can now ask Alexa to send SMS messages

Android users can now ask Alexa to send SMS messages

Amazon's just gained another useful new trick: It can now send text messages... but only if you have an Android phone.

Amazon's virtual voice assistant Alexa can already make phone calls and send people quick voice messages. If you ask Alexa to "send a text message", it will automatically be sent via SMS right away. As of publication time, the company hasn't provided details about when worldwide users might be able to send SMS messages or if Alexa will be able to read incoming messages. According to Amazon, Alexa will follow the best way to send the message. If you're now the proud owner of an Echo device you'll know that you can send messages between Echo devices, but this new feature allows you to send more traditional text messages using only your voice.

The feature builds upon the previously launched Alexa messaging feature. That being said, every message by default will be routed to Alexa device and only if it is not available the message will then be relayed via SMS. It will only send via SMS if that option is unavailable.

This feature is now only available on Android devices. Unfortunately, the ability to text to 911, groups, and MMS (picture and video) are not supported.

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With the same smart-assistant capabilies as the other Echo products, Amazon is hoping for the Spot to be seen as another entry-point into their smart-device ecosystem. You can send them to any SMS-supporting devices, including iPhones. Users can set this up by following the instructions in the Alexa app on their Android device.

How do you enable the SMS texting feature?

The main aim behind the new feature is to provide users with a smart way to perform the tasks, which requires typing via the keyboard.

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