Published: Mon, January 29, 2018
Medicine | By Daryl Nelson

Oklahoma Flu Deaths on the Rise

Oklahoma Flu Deaths on the Rise

The Collier County Health Department gave out 250 bottles of hand sanitizer and 512 flu vaccinations, Saturday, in hopes of keeping the high number of outbreaks this season from increasing.

For the week ending January 24, 2018, fifty-nine counties reported increasing flu activity while eight counties reported activity at a plateau.

Jennifer Manton got sick with the flu about two weeks ago, hit by high fever and body aches.

17 dead in auto bomb near embassies in Kabul
An explosives-packed ambulance blew up in a crowded area of Kabul today, killing at least 63 people and wounding 151 others. State Department on Saturday condemned a bombing on a busy Afghan street that killed at least 95 and injured dozens more.

In a letter to CDC Director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, Schumer said city and state health officials could use more federal resources to battle this season's epidemic. He says other flu strains can become more common later in the season, and there's still time to get a flu shot that will help protect you and people around you from those strains.

The federal team would collect data on the virus' spread across NY, tracking which strains are taking the biggest toll and whether the disease is changing as it spreads. While hospitalization rates are predictably highest among the elderly, younger baby boomers aged 50 to 65 are in second place, Jernigan said. This is especially bad news for them, given a new study linking the flu to increased risk of heart attacks. Conrad said that on Friday Benton Harbor Charter School closed because of the high rate of absences due to illness, the first area school to do so. And not only for their own benefit, or even their families. These Americans are at the peak of their careers with many in managerial roles, Jernigan explained. When they're home sick in bed, it can negatively impact their businesses. That's the highest level since the swine flu pandemic in 2009. A handful of major pharmaceutical companies are supporting universal flu vaccine research, including GlaxoSmithKline; Janssen Vaccines, a division of Johnson & Johnson; and Sanofi. The CDC estimates it may be about 30 percent effective against H3N2.

Most experts believe that flu viruses spread mainly by tiny droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk.

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