Published: Mon, January 29, 2018
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'Baywatch' star Nicole Eggert accuses Scott Baio of molestation

'Baywatch' star Nicole Eggert accuses Scott Baio of molestation

In the clip, Scott produced two letters, dated from past year, to Eggert and "Charles in Charge" co-actor Alexander Polinsky, who he claims "decided to team up against" him, telling both of them to seek police intervention if they had plausible claims.

The pair starred together on Charles in Charge, which ran from 1984 to 1990, on which Baio played the title character and Nicole played Jamie, one of the children college student Charles became a caretaker for when he moved into a house off-campus. He indicated that he did at one time have sexual contact with Eggert, but when she was over 18 years old, and claimed she was the initiator. On Saturday, Eggert, who later starred on Baywatch, spoke out on Twitter, accusing him of molesting her when she was a minor.

"It started when I was 14", Eggert tweeted.

Baio issued a statement calling her claims were "100% lies", before appearing in a Facebook live video filmed by his wife. "The reason I'm doing Facebook Live is because nobody can edit me, nobody can change what I said".

She wrote: " I was 14, 15, 16 and 17.

As Baio concluded in his Facebook video, false allegations distract from legitimate claims.

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He acknowledged that he and Eggert did have sex but claimed that it was consensual and that she would have been at least 18, or possibly 19 or 20, at the time of their encounter.

"Now, any normal, heterosexual, red-blooded, American guy... the outcome would have been the same, the same thing would have happened".

Eggert first made the claims publicly in 2012 and 2013 while promoting her work on reality TV.

"Now go prove it or disprove it ... the real problem with this is people with legitimate claims aren't taken seriously, and that's too bad".

"I don't know what else to put out there", Baio tells the camera at the end of the clip. "She's my best friend in the world, then all of a sudden I'm the bogeyman", Baio ended his Facebook Live stream.

"The problem with nearly all hesaid/shesaid cases is they're hesaid/shesaid", the actor said. She also retweeted an actor named Adam Carl, who revealed that he worked with her on Charles in Charge and he, "sat with you while you cried about that abusive asshole". Now, go prove it or disprove it.

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