Published: Wed, January 24, 2018
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Instagram Stories Adds GIF Stickers For Photos And Videos

Instagram Stories Adds GIF Stickers For Photos And Videos

The GIF stickers can be added to any still photo, video, or boomerang in the Instagram app - and you can share them in your stories as well as download and save them for later. It is a pretty straightforward process: When you're creating a story, you can select the option to add a sticker and you will see an option to add a GIF. On doing this, a new window will open up where you'll be able to see a number of GIFs from Giphy's database.

More is in the pipeline for Instagram Stories as the company is also working on another feature. Adding one of those stickers to your story is simple enough - you'll simply tap the sticker button as you normally would, which is where you'll find a new GIF option.

In order to check out the new features, make sure your Instagram app is up-to-date. Stay tuned for our next first-come-first-serve coverage of Instagram updates. It is also similar to Motion Stills because you can fast-forward by just swiping and also create loops by swiping.

But that's not the only update coming to Instagram Stories: Over the next few weeks, the platform is rolling out a feature allowing users to add photos of any size to their Stories.

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The new GIF making feature lets users record their own GIFs with their phone's cameras - both front and rear camera.

Adding a more comprehensive library of GIFs to Instagram is another way of one-upping its competitor, which is bleeding users and advertisers at the moment.

Today, January 23, Instagram introduced the GIF stickers in its app for the users to make their respective stories more expressive. On iOS, this built-in GIF creator feature is already live and widely rolling out as of this weekend. The content can be shared in its original dimensions, irrespective of its form (square, landscape, or portrait). You'll then be able to fill in the excess space with a customizable color gradient.

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