Published: Tue, January 23, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Dragon Ball FighterZ Launch and Android 21 Trailers Drop

Dragon Ball FighterZ Launch and Android 21 Trailers Drop

Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming out this week and fans are very excited to play it.

As a new gateway into the fun world of Dragon Ball, FighterZ does a fantastic job putting the universe's heroes and villains at your fingertips.

Once you're done, Android 21 will be added to the game's roster. In it, critic Peter Brown states, "FighterZ is complex and distinct enough to be enjoyed by fighting game competitors, but there's no question that it's been created to tap into the hearts of Dragon Ball's most dedicated fans, and no doubt those same qualities will win people over who've never given the series a chance". The new female character is unique to the franchise in that she appears to be a mix of android and Majin, and possibly more. Android 21 is shown transforming from a brown-haired girl with glasses and a science coat into a Majin, a powerful pink-skinned alien.

As both a Majin and an android, the character is a combination of two key races in Dragon Ball Z.

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With Dragon Ball FighterZ due to launch on 26th January, more free content is also on the cards for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, including the new Limit Burst battle system, new avatar skills, SSGSS forms and new special costumes, such as swimsuits for Android 18 and Videl. A flurry of kicks and strikes from her tail can be followed up with devastating energy blasts, emptying an opponent's life bar in no time flat. It revolves around Android 21, who seems to have revived some of the series; villains like Freeza, Cell, Nappa, Captain Ginyu, and others, so it's up to Son Goku and the rest of the Z Warriors to stop them.

With the game coming out this Friday, Bandai Namco has chose to release a launch trailer to get everyone pumped up for the fighting game.

To unlock Android 21, you'll have to complete the Android 21 Arc in Story Mode.

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