Published: Sat, January 20, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Montreal Artist Expertly Pranks Police with a Fake Car Made of Snow

Montreal Artist Expertly Pranks Police with a Fake Car Made of Snow

Police were fooled by the vehicle made of snow in Canada.

Simon Laprise, a 33-year-old machinist and artist based out of Montreal, a life-size model of a DeLorean DMC-12-the same auto in the Back to the Future movies-using snow outside his home Monday.

The machinist and designer posted on Facebook about his personal snowmobile, and later shared a picture of a confused policeman who stopped and stood next to it. Laprise said that he hoped to prank the snow removal guys.

The result? A delightful picture of a lone police officer, staring skeptically at a vehicle parked in a snow removal zone, ticket book in hand.

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- Simon Laprise had a plan, some snow and a couple hours to spare.

The DeLorean was made famous by the Back to The Future films. He even included a real windshield wiper he found on the street. In other, two police cars are at the scene. Far from being unamused, the cops pulled over to photograph the auto, eventually leaving a note on the window that said "You made our night!"

Laprise, a 33-year-old machinist, still got a ticket - but it was fake just like his auto.

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