Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Super Mario Odyssey DLC finally brings back Luigi

Super Mario Odyssey DLC finally brings back Luigi

You hide your balloon in an already existing world and then upload it, letting others track it down.

New outfits and camera filters are coming to Super Mario Odyssey. In Find It Mode, you will have 30 seconds to find balloons hidden by other Super Mario Odyssey players around the world. There will be rankings boards so you can become a master balloon finder yourself. Players will be ranked by their ability to find and hide balloons, trying to set the highest scores they possibly can.

3 out of 5 who try a cigarette 'become smokers'
Research found that 69% of people who had ever tried a cigarette had gone on to become a daily smoker, even if just temporarily. All the surveys included questions about ever trying a cigarette and any subsequent daily smoking habit.

Thankfully, the damage has been minorly mitigated with the announcement in this morning's Nintendo Direct that Luigi will officially be entering Super Mario Odyssey as part of the game's first free DLC. Beyond bragging rights, you can earn a tidy sum of coins by performing well in Luigi's Balloon Land.

After beating the main story, this update will allow players to talk to Luigi and gives access to a new competitve mode. Three new outfits will also be available in the game, including a Sunshine Shades & Outfit, Musician Hat & Outfit plus Knight Helmet & Armor.

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