Published: Thu, January 11, 2018
Medicine | By Daryl Nelson

An Early….and Tough….Flu Season in Beatrice Area

An Early….and Tough….Flu Season in Beatrice Area

"There's still time for every person who's 6 months of age or older ... to still receive the flu vaccine", said county Health Officer Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser at a Wednesday news conference.

Specifically, cases of H3N2, a strain of influenza A, are high. In its advisory, the government has said that H1N1 is also a type of Seasonal Influenza and is a self- limiting viral disease. The South has been suffering with flu for several weeks, and it may have peaked there, she said.

Medical professionals still insist that people look to reduce their risk of contracting the flu this season. However, flu cases typically peak between December and February.

The State Department of Health only reports flu deaths in counties if there are more than 5 confirmed flu-related deaths.

"Flu is hard to predict", said ODH Medical Director Dr. Clint Koenig. As well, not all provinces and territories keep track of hospitalizations due to influenza.

A recent update by the Centers For Disease Control shows 46 states at a high or widespread level for influenza... "It had just hit at that school and you know, you can't fault them for that, that's their most precious thing in the world".

Last week it reported that as of December 30, there have been 13 reported cases of influenza-related intensive care unit admission.

Flu season peaking early in IL
Emergency rooms in and around the Los Angeles area are so crowded that ambulances are unable to immediately unload their patients. According to the Centers For Disease Control , the flu is now widespread in 50 states and territories, including Kentucky.

Last flu season there were 7 pediatric deaths in the State of Ohio.

On social media, Medical City Lewisville educated the public on how to differentiate between the common cold, also normal in the winter weather, and the more serious flu virus. Anyone who has an influenza-like illness presenting with fever of more than 100 [degrees Fahrenheit] and sore throat could be suspected to have the flu.

While the flu shot isn't always effective, doctors say if you catch the flu and have had the shot the symptoms may be less severe.

ODH recommends that people get the flu vaccine, which can prevent against certain strains of the flu.

De Lota said there are varying reasons why patients don't get the vaccine.

In response to all of those people getting sick, Mercy Health St. Rita's has officially made the decision concerning people that are thinking about stopping by and seeing a loved one - if you're feeling sick with the flu, they're asking you to please stay home.

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