Published: Wed, January 10, 2018
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

CES 2018: Vivo unveiled first smartphone with in-display fingerprint scanner

CES 2018: Vivo unveiled first smartphone with in-display fingerprint scanner

At CES 2018, Vivo shows the world the first ready-to-produce smartphone featuring in-display fingerprint scanning technology, demonstrating its continued commitment to bring an extraordinary user experience. While Samsung was previously expected to be the first brand to launch under display fingerprint sensors this year with the Galaxy S9-series, it looks like Vivo has beaten them all to the punch, unless you count the Doogee V that is. The fingerprint scanner will be placed between the glass panel and the OLED panel: when the finger will touch the glass panel, the OLED panel will illuminate the finger and the small chip will process the beams of light emitted. Vivo posted a teaser on Twitter suggesting it will unveil the first phone with in-display fingerprint sensor, which will likely be provided by Synaptics. The company in December announced that it entered mass manufacturing with its optical in-display fingerprint sensors, called Clear ID. The new model may come with thinner bezels as the fingerprint sensor will move under the display. But, as the Synaptics have already crossed the limitations faced during in-screen fingerprint scanner implementation, the company is more likely to go with Synaptic's Ultrasonic advanced sensors. The phone is also said to sport iPhone X-esque notch on the top. Whereas others, just trans-locate the fingerprint scanner to the back, either beside the primary camera or below it, either way there are more chances of users accidently touching the lens-cover and leave sweaty smudges on it, resulting in distorted images. Apple however, completely removed the fingerprint scanner known as TouchID on iOS devices and is now relying on face recognition with the new FaceID feature.

The Chinese smartphone maker showcased the latest technology at CES 2018.

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Senior VP, Vivo, Alex Feng detailed the technology in a press release and said that it is aimed at solving the industry's challenge of offering a convenient authentication experience.

Vivo says that the futuristic Vivo in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone offers consumers an unprecedented mobile experience, defining a new era of mobile interaction. Although the time frame is still vague, we expect the component to debut in Vivo smartphones showcased at next month's MWC 2018 conference (if not later).

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