Published: Wed, January 03, 2018
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Telegram 4.7 adds support for multiple accounts and quick replies

Telegram 4.7 adds support for multiple accounts and quick replies

We have a new Telegram update to tell you about which allows you to now have multiple accounts.

Now, a new update is available on the Play Store for the app and it adds new features such as Multiple accounts and the ability to Swipe to reply. You can visit the Telegram official website for more details on the iOS update. The latest version of Telegram for Android can let you use up to three accounts with different numbers. The biggest new feature to hit is the support for multiple accounts, which is a feature people have been asking for now for a while.

Telegram now supports up to three unique accounts/phone numbers.

Previously, you had to either do app cloning or use parallel apps in order to access multiple accounts.

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You are able to easily switch between them from the side menu of the app, but Telegram will send notifications for all of them regardless of which one is now active.

Messaging app Telegram has announced the roll-out of its latest version 4.7. Simply swipe left on a message and you can reply to it instantly. However, notifications from all the accounts will pop up on the screen (enabled by default) even if you are now using one of those accounts. The version you will need to download is version 4.7. With the quick replies feature, users now don't have to long press on a message and tap on the back arrow button to reply to it.

The update is live right now on the Play Store.

With these new features, it will definitely make fans of the Telegram app happy.

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