Published: Mon, January 01, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

WhatsApp to Stop working on these Smart-phones from New Year's Eve

WhatsApp to Stop working on these Smart-phones from New Year's Eve

It's bad news for anyone who still has a mobile phone from the stone ages because WhatsApp have just announced that their app will stop working on a bunch of older systems at the beginning of 2018.

WhatsApp says users can continue using the app on their phone, but should not expect any future security updates or new features. This information is given in the blog post of WhatsApp itself.

WhatsApp said it will "remove support" for the phones because the newer version can not be installed on them. However, any device having a Blackberry operating system or Blackberry 10 will not be able to run the app, from the starting of next year. "According to WhatsApp's blog on devices nearing end-of-life timelines, users of BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10; Windows Phone 8.0 and older devices; and Nokia S40 will not be able to use WhatsApp properly after December 31, 2017".

"As we look ahead to our next seven years, we want to focus our efforts on the mobile platforms the vast majority of people use".

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"Mobile operating systems offered by Google, Apple and Microsoft - which account for 99.5 percent of sales today - were on less than 25 percent of mobile devices sold at the time". The mobile messaging app that launched a series of new features in the year 2017, is expected to keep-up the momentum by adding a range of mind-blowing features to the app.

If you are still using Windows Phone 8 or BlackBerry device, WhatsApp may stop working on your phone at any time.

The app will stop working on phones running on Android 2.3.7 and older (Gingerbread), and will be stopped from February 1, 2020. Using Roamit you can continue reading web pages on your devices and share pictures and files between your devices using the local Wi-Fi network.

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