Published: Fri, December 29, 2017
Medicine | By Daryl Nelson

Man charged with killing wife had been arrested for strangling her before

Man charged with killing wife had been arrested for strangling her before

A medical examiner will determine the official cause of Wells' death.

The officers, identified by sources as Wael Jaber and Wing Hong Lau, responded to the three-story Sterling Place brownstone after the victim's sister called 911 to report that Wells was "scared" of her husband because he was "acting amusing", sources said.

Wells' body was discovered at the bottom of a basement stairwell at her home in Crown Heights later that morning.

The NYPD suspended two 77th Precinct officers the day of the killing after it was revealed they botched a job to check on the woman.

Tonie Wells, 22, was found dead with bruising to her neck following the 9:50 a.m. incident at the Crown Heights residence on Sterling Place after neighbors reportedly heard the cries of her two-year-old daughter and called the cops.

According to the report, police have responded to one other domestic call at the home, but it is not clear at this time if that is the same report made by the victim's sister before she was found dead. Wells' young child was also found in the house.

Tonie Wells
Brooklyn Man In Police Custody After Wife Found Dead

New York City Police arrested a man this week after a crying toddler led authorities to the body of her mother.

While officers were dispatched to the Wells' Crown Heights residence, they didn't even get out of their vehicle to check on the woman, law enforcement sources told the Post.

On Thursday, police said Wells' husband was a person of interest, and was in custody and being questioned.

"Wells" neighbor, Michelle Ruiz, 22, who last saw Wells three weeks ago, said Wells was pregnant.

"An initial determination deemed this person's death to be suspicious and it is now being investigated", Deputy Chief Michael Kempfer said.

He has not officially been arrested, police said.

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