Published: Tue, December 19, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

Android 8.1 update download for Pixel 2 apparently blocked in Bahrain

Android 8.1 update download for Pixel 2 apparently blocked in Bahrain

Now you can broadcast your voice from your Pixel to the Google Home devices around your house. Google will prompt you to retrain your voice by saying "Hey Google" instead of "Ok Google".

Enjoy talking to your Google Assistant on your phone, but don't like using the traditional "OK Google" trigger?

With users who claim to have received the functionality being located in various parts of the world, it appears that the Alphabet-owned company now started a truly global rollout that it promised in early fall. In addition, Google is offering free two-day shipping on devices ordered by 2:00 p.m. PST tomorrow, January 19.

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In case you're using voice commands on your phone, you'll see a notification asking you to perform a new setup for the feature, so that "Hey Google" can be enabled.

The feature is expected to work on various other non-Google, Android running devices. Offering more options in voice command will make the assistant more convenient to those who are dependent on it for answering questions, listening to music and performing hands-free tasks. You will have to say "OK Google" as well as "Hey Google" alternatively to train your voice. If you're walking past a landmark in a new city, or looking at a painting in a gallery, you can open up the Assistant on your Pixel and tap on the lens button to get more information about what you're looking at. Were you satisfied with the unique "OK Google" one or were wishing for more commands? Soon, Samsung will also join the race with its smart speaker equipped with Bixby.

Only recently, the search engine giant made Assistant available on the older Android versions. The iPhone 8 Plus is now the only phone worth that much to Google.

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