Published: Sun, December 17, 2017
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Haley displays missile as evidence Iran violating nuclear deal

Haley displays missile as evidence Iran violating nuclear deal

Standing before remnants of an Iranian made, short-range missile, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley she was offering indisputable proof that Iran was supplying weapons to militants in Yemen in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

"It's giving hypocrisy a bad name, when you look at the situation in Yemen, where the United States supported Saudi attacks that indiscriminately killed so many civilians as opposed to this one rocket that was sent by the Houthis into Saudi Arabia to land whatever it might", McGovern said.

Iran's mission to the United Nations said the evidence was "fabricated" to serve a U.S. agenda.

Georgini said France remained concerned by Iran's ballistic missile program and urged it to abide fully by U.N. Security Council resolution 2231.

"Today's revelations proved yet again that Iran's unsafe presence in the Middle East is only growing despite their attempts to deceive the world", Danny Danon said in a statement.

"This purported evidence, put on public display today, is as much fabricated as the one presented on some other occasions earlier".

"This evidence demonstrates a pattern of behaviour in which Iran sows conflict and extremism in direct violation of UN Security Council resolutions".

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In a speech in a warehouse at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in the USA capital, Haley said the U.S. intelligence community has uniformly and unequivocally assessed that Iran is supplying arms to Houthi rebels in Yemen illegally, against a series of UN Security Council resolutions restricting its export of arms and missiles.

In a statement, the Iranian government rejected the claim that it delivered the missile to the rebels.

"You will see us build a coalition to really push back against Iran and what they're doing", she said.

"We present this evidence so that we, our allies and worldwide partners - including organisations like the [United Nations] - can be clear eyed about Iran's activities as we work together", Seal said. The UN has revealed in a report that these missiles appear to have been designed by Iran.

AFP reported that a separate team of United Nations experts who inspected the missile fragments during a visit to Riyadh last month found a possible link to an Iranian manufacturer, the Shahid Bagheri Industrial Group, which is on the United Nations sanctions blacklist.

The United States and Saudi Arabia have accused Iran of supplying weapons to Yemen's Huthi rebels, who fired missiles at Saudi Arabia in July and November.

The experts, who report to the UN's sanctions committee, found a component marked by a logo similar to that of the Iranian manufacturer, which is a subsidiary of the Iranian Aerospace Industries Organization, AFP said. While the official Saudi and USA account claimed that the incoming projectile was stopped by the US -built Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missile defense system, an expert investigation later suggested the missile struck the ground, missing the city's global airport by about half a mile.

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