Published: Sat, December 16, 2017
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You can get Pandora Premium on-demand music free: Here's how

You can get Pandora Premium on-demand music free: Here's how

There are no ads during playback after you watch that initial video, but if you search for a new piece of content within the app or click on an email or social media link for a specific album or track, you'll have to watch a video ad before you can play it. But if you were using Pandora's free product, you still couldn't play the exact song you wanted.

Added Chris Phillips, Chief Product Officer, Pandora: "Pandora continues to deliver product enhancements that create the ultimate music streaming destination for listeners, giving them more of what they want, when they want it". PANDORA is betting yes, reports BUSINESSINSIDER.COM, which writes the webcaster is, "introducing a new method to temporarily "unlock" its premium tier for free users who watch a video ad on their smartphone". Pandora doesn't say how long your Premium session will last after each ad, but we probably shouldn't expect it to be substantially long.

If you're a Plus or free member, do you think this will tempt you into subscribing to Pandora Premium?

Here's how it works: You watch a video ad, then you get access to on-demand (and other premium features) for a certain amount of time before Pandora transitions you back into its free version.

Tidal May Be Out Of Cash Within Six Months
Even Jay-Z offers his music on other services again after temporarily going Tidal-exclusive for a short time earlier this year. Tidal's selling proposition is that it offers better music streaming quality compared to the likes of Spotify or Apple Music.

Pandora is still gauging how long users will be able to access the features of Pandora Premium, but the company is testing 15-minute, 30-minute and or one hour time limits, according to Business Insider.

Today, Pandora unveiled a new initiative that allows free users to unlock "complimentary" sessions of Pandora Premium. This includes uninterrupted listening, listening to any music they want, build playlists and queueing up songs.

"These new features address that need by marrying rewards-based advertising with the best-in-class on-demand experience we've created with Pandora Premium", he said.

As 85 percent of Pandora listening time happens on mobile, this feature will only be available on iOS and Android for starters.

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