Published: Fri, December 15, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

New 'Harry Potter' Role-Playing Game to Come in Spring

New 'Harry Potter' Role-Playing Game to Come in Spring

"Accio, Hogwarts!" Video game developer Jam City is about to deliver millions of owls that carry acceptance letters to excited Harry Potter fans.

We're already dusting off our hats and waving our wands in excitement!

Hogwarts Mystery may be your letter to Hogwarts which will land on your mobiles in 2018.

Is there a spell that can write more Harry Potter books that aren't robotic-sounding? There have been 13 Harry Potter games since 2001, all of which remained faithful to the source material from J.K. Rowling's books and the subsequent films.

The aforementioned Harry Potter excerpt was constructed with the help of multiple writers, who helped construct the sentence through a combination of algorithmic suggestion and authorial discretion. While Warner Bros and Portkey Games (the HP-focused game label) are keeping their cards close to their chests right now, there are scarce details that give us an idea about what to expect.

If we had to guess, we'd say that this game is going to be a simplified experience created to appeal to the various age brackets that make up Harry Potter's global fanbase.

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For the Harry Potter project, specifically, dozens of people were able to use the predictive keyboard (which you can use too, for both narration and dialogue) and submit their creations to Botnik. At the very least, Harry Potter fans have something new to talk about.

The site reports that the game will take place before the events of the Harry Potter books and movies. And, according to the Tech Crunch profile, this Hogwarts experience includes attending potions class and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

The fifth installment of one of the most popular shooter games for Android has to be near the top of our list, and that's Modern Combat 5: Blackout developed by Gameloft. Interactive Entertainment under a licensing deal.

Once the app is released in 2018, fans can download the app once it is released on the Amazon AppStore, Apple's App Store, and Google Play faster than you can say: "Quidditch!"

It's the second Harry Potter mobile game to be announced in as many months, following the reveal that Niantic was now working on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - a wizarding version of Pokémon Go's augmented-reality gameplay.

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