Published: Thu, December 14, 2017
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Spokesman: Roger Goodell Will Retire As Commissioner After 2023 Season

Spokesman: Roger Goodell Will Retire As Commissioner After 2023 Season

The 75-year-old Jones also was at odds with Atlanta owner Arthur Blank, chairman of the six-person compensation committee that had been unanimously approved in May to complete a deal with Goodell. And while Jones was conciliatory, even hugging Goodell when replacing him on the podium, the outspoken billionaire wasn't conceding anything.

Lockhart spoke to media members in the morning, indicating that Goodell had a pretty clear view of the contract extension he recently signed and the owners made official Wednesday.

Under the extension, Goodell's incentive package will be overseen by owners on other committees as well as those on the compensation committee.

National Football League spokesman Joe Lockhart said Wednesday that 90 percent of Goodell's contract will be incentive-based, which Lockhart said was an increase in non-guaranteed income over previous deals. "Don't always agree. But again, I think that's what the strength of our league is", Goodell said. Asked about the "last contract" statement, Goodell said he hadn't made any final call over his or the league's future in the office of commissioner.

Although his base will be just over $4 million per year, he can cash in with the incentives based on TV ratings, the league image and sponsorship deals.

When the Cowboys and Falcons played last month in Atlanta, the respective owners skipped their customary pre-game talk on the field. The commissioner was a great listener and responded and was very supportive of doing not only the right thing for himself personally and his position, but thinking about the league, thinking about what owners are expressing.

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The two have battled over player discipline in light of Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott being suspended for six games due to domestic violence allegations. "I spoke to him ... on the phone about a week and a half ago".

So we don't know for certain how long Goodell will be commissioner, if we take his word over that of a league spokesman who nearly certainly was told (by someone) to say what he did earlier on Wednesday. All of that, I think, was very important to getting this done.

According to Blank, owners will consider a proposal at the annual league meeting in March to revise the structure of the compensation committee and how it is chosen. "He does love this league, there's no question of that in my mind". "We went to great lengths to make sure we were completely transparent".

Goodell's newest contract is likely his last, as Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported, but five years is still a long time if he remains in a feud with one of the league's most powerful owners. The NFL now has deals in place with CBS, FOX, NBC and ESPN, and all will expire by the end of the 2022 season (ESPN's expires at the end of the 2021 season).

Spokesman Joe Lockhart, the NFL's executive vice president of communications and public affairs, confirmed at league winter meeting in Irving, Texas, on Wednesday.

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