Published: Thu, December 14, 2017
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Egyptian pop star goes to jail for sexy banana music video

Egyptian pop star goes to jail for sexy banana music video

A little-known Egyptian pop singer was sentenced to two years in prison for running afoul of the nation's morality laws after releasing a music video in which she seductively ate a banana.

The former Arab Idol contestant, who is just 21, was also ordered to pay a fine of 10,000 Egyptian pounds (£420) for supposedly "inciting debauchery".

Ahmed, better known for her stage name Shyma, was convicted by an Egyptian court to two years and prison and a United States dollars 560 fine, for her provocative behavior in the video for her song, "I Have Issues".

She was sentenced along with Gamal to two years in prison yesterday (December 13) for "inciting debauchery".

Other parts of the video featured Shyma licking an apple, coloring her lips and playing the role of a "naughty" teacher in front of a blackboard, on which "class #69" was written.

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Egyptian TV commentators also expressed rage over the music video, calling the singer "filthy" and urging the authorities to prosecute her.

In a Facebook posting last month, Shyma wrote that she had not anticipated the backlash against her video.

Shyma is only the latest Egyptian artist to be prosecuted for "inciting debauchery" with sexually explicit music videos.

Her claim that the famous body of water could infect people with a parasite-driven disease got her banned by the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate from performing in the country for two months.

The young singer was arrested on November 18 and her trial was held in Cairo on November 28. She alleges that she was forced into the provocative poses by the video's director, who included the scenes in the final cut without her consent.

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