Published: Mon, December 11, 2017
Entertaiment | By Minnie Bishop

Santa Claus quizzed by kids about Al Franken, Roy Moore

Santa Claus quizzed by kids about Al Franken, Roy Moore

Saturday Night Live is cranking up the holiday spirit by making Kenan Thompson a mall Santa Clause and Kate McKinnon his helper elf, but with so much going on in the world, it's hard to focus on the simple, material things in life.

And the kids had quite a few questions Santa wasn't expecting.

It began normally enough with a boy named Tyler, asking for a round of laser tag and some toys, but the mood shifted with his last question: "What did Al Franken do?". Franken resigned from the Senate Thursday amid sexual misconduct allegations. "Let's just go with that - somehow that's the happier version".

"I guess you could say that Al Franken is on Santa's naughty list this year", he said.

Roy Moore, who is facing multiple accusation of sexual misconduct which he denies, was also skewered in the cold open when a young boy asked Santa,"What about Roy Moore?". "Which list is he on?"

Standing by to help Santa through the ordeal was trusty elf Amy, played by cast member Kate McKinnon.

"It's not really a list, it's more of a registry", says Sugarplum... oops, make that Amy. When the boy follows up with, "What about Roy Moore, what list is he on?".

Jessica pays a visit to Santa next, and brings several follow-up inquiries to Tyler's questions.

"Well, Santa likes to stay out of political matters", responded Santa. Our president may have said and done a few naughty things.

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McKinnon interjects: "Nineteen accusers".

But "SNL" included plenty of jabs at other prominent men who have recently fallen from their perches after misconduct was exposed, including another passing "Weekend Update" reference to the scandal that seemed to trigger this recent sexual-harassment reckoning.

The best line of the skit came after Santa said to one little boy: "Maybe you'd like a toy for Christmas!". "Like the one Matt Lauer gave his co-worker?"

"I want a Barbie", says one particularly jaded girl.

The bit ended on a happier note, with McKinnon's character comforting a young girl.

"Okay, good", Jenny said.

That's when Amy assured one precocious little girl, "As bad as things seem, things will be okay. Like truly mind-bendingly insane, and we seem to have lost all perspective on what's naughty or nice", she said.

'I know, the girl said.

If these kids are anything, it's tuned in... as in tuned to CNN, MSNBC and even Fox News. "But most people in America are good people, and eventually, good people will fix our country".

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