Published: Sun, December 10, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

YouTube to launch a paid music service

YouTube to launch a paid music service

YouTube Red, which used to be YouTube Music Key, has a $9.99 a month cost and it's possible that YouTube will try to charge the same amount. And the is free to download but to get music service; it's chargeable. The service is expected to feature on-demand music just like the popular service, Spotify. Yet major record labels say the growth would be even more significant if not for YouTube, which they criticize for not compensating them enough, considering how much people use the site to listen to tunes.

Some other reports also suggest that, YouTube will merge the YouTube Red's subscription with this Remix platform so the users who have subscribed to YouTube Red will be able to explore the platform simultaneously.

While services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal etc have all reached various levels of success, Google Play Music and YouTube Red have not made huge dents.

NRA hails the House's passage of Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act
Peter King, of Long Island, and Dan Donovan, of Staten Island, were the only GOP House members to vote against it. The point of the policy is to effectively override state-based conceal-carry restrictions.

On Friday, Amazon announced that it was expanding both the Echo and its online music service, Amazon Music Unlimited, to 28 new countries. If you really want to have all the music tracks and related videos at one place, YouTube's new Remix will soon going to fulfil all of your desires in no time. Once they fully satisfied with the UI of this service, they can go ahead and subscribe the appropriate plan. On top of this YouTube has also already signed Warner Music Group and is in talks with music artists to promote the upcoming service as well and get the name out there so potential subscribers are aware of the option. YouTube is also in talks with the two others, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group, and Merlin, a consortium of independent labels, the people said.

In addition to Amazon Music Unlimited, the Amazon Echo is coming to the listed countries as well, which will provide support for voice commands such as "Alexa, play rock music". For the very same reason, the giant is combining all the other services and to come out with a universal one through the all new Remix.

About a minute after signing in on the web into your Amazon account, the Apple TV will automatically refresh to let you know registration was successful.

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