Published: Sun, December 10, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

ICE agents arrest 22 in northern Kentucky roundup

ICE agents arrest 22 in northern Kentucky roundup

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested 27 people in western MI during an operation targeting criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants and immigration violators, officials announced.

ICE deportation officers carry out targeted enforcement operations daily nationwide as part of the agency's ongoing efforts to protect the nation, uphold public safety, and protect the integrity of our immigration laws and border controls.

The less detailed classification of immigrants who are deported and arrested by ICE makes it hard to compare the types of people ICE is targeting under Trump versus under Obama, but Tuesday's ICE statistics on immigration arrests indicate that the agency is casting a wider net than it has in recent years.

Aliens arrested during this operation are from Guatemala (16) Mexico (5) and Zimbabwe (1). "I applaud the dedicated men and women of ICE who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe". But the number of undocumented immigrants without criminal convictions deported from the interior of the country rose dramatically. Since he has been previously deported and illegally re-entered the United States, he faces prosecution for re-entering the US after deportation. The number of arrests of immigrants for civil violations increased by 30 percent, and the number of immigrants without criminal records arrested more than doubled. But ICE arrests jumped 40 percent for the roughly eight months since the executive order, compared to the same period previous year. "However, if you look at ICE deportations, people that are arrested in the interior and were removed, those numbers are up nearly 40 percent". Administrative arrests of immigrants with known criminal convictions also increased by about 12 percent, amounting to about almost 11,000 more arrests. ICE states that the "vast majority" of administrative arrests were of convicted criminals or of people with criminal charges, and that only 11 percent of people arrested had no known criminal convictions or charges.

The most common criminal conviction or charge recorded by ICE was driving under the influence, followed by "dangerous drugs" and immigration offenses.

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ICE officials could share more information about the roundup on Friday.

Homan said that even without Obama-era priorities, ICE agents were not doing indiscriminate sweeps.

During the targeted enforcement operations, ICE officers frequently encounter other aliens illegally present in the United States.

ICE made 10,000 more "at-large" arrests, which are arrests that occur within a community as opposed to in a jail or prison setting, in FY2017 than during the prior year.

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