Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Amazon Prime Video Features On Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video Features On Apple TV

Amazon announced earlier that their Prime Video app is now available in more than 100 countries around the word. It's a move borne of a protracted turf war between the two titans; one that also will continue to have ripple effects on third-party alliances (like Amazon's deal with Apple TV) until there's some kind of resolution. Browsing can be achieved simply by drilling down through specific apps and services in the traditional manner, but the Apple TV 4K is much easier to use if you use the Siri remote's voice search facility.

Apple TV owners on Reddit are reporting the same issue with surround sound with others explaining the problem is not happening through the Prime Video app on other devices like game consoles, and specifically the Sony Playstation 4.

It's been a while since Apple first told everyone that Prime Video would be coming to its Apple TV streamers.

Google is hoping to pressure Amazon into selling Google's products by taking away access to the world's most widely watched video service.

For those willing to abandon Fire TV, just about any other device will play YouTube.

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As streaming becomes more and more prevalent, more and more options to stream content become available. You can't get access to Sky's 4K sports coverage (although that holds true on any platform save Sky Q), and although there is a Now TV app, this only provides access to Sports via day passes.

Meanwhile, Amazon had never even released a Prime Video app for Apple TV devices, seemingly due to the same dispute over what cut of payments Apple demands.

"There is nothing that excites us more than delighting our customers, and we are thrilled for them to stream Prime Video on Apple TV", said Mark Eamer, Vice President of Prime Video. Up until now, you could only use Prime Video with Apple TV via a wireless AirPlay connection, but now that those days are over you can just delete AirPlay. As of time of writing, the product was not listed on Amazon.

Google also takes 30% of sales made through its app platform, although with less strict controls than Apple, particularly in terms of directing people to other places they can sign up.

Two tech giants are in a messy streaming video fight right now, leaving consumers squeezed in the middle. Amazon says it is disappointing to see Google selectively blocking access to an open website.

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