Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
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More Details on Apple Pay Cash

More Details on Apple Pay Cash

Those delays-presumably coupled with lagging demand for the iPhone 8 by users anxious to pick up Apple's latest phone-enabled Android to increase its market share by 4.3% in the five biggest European markets, 8.2% in the United States and 7.5% in Japan during the three months ending October 2017. They can pay by transferring funds using the feature instead of opening an entire app or hitting the ATM to settle the debt. The upgrade as usual by Apple has involved lots of changes, especially the support given to Apple Pay Cash, a quick peer-to-peer payments system that forms a direct competitor to Venmo, Square Cash and other payment processors. The process is quick and easy for those who have already filed a card with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Cash is ideal for smaller payments among friends - for instance, suppose a user owes their friend some money. When new users receive money for the first time, it's simply added to their new Apple Pay Cash card once they accept the terms. If they choose to set up the service later, users can go to Settings Wallet & Apple Pay Apple Pay Cash and follow the instructions.

Apple recently released the new iOS 11.2 software update which brought Apple Pay Cash To the iPhone.

Each payment, though, will prompt you to confirm it with a passcode, your face, or fingerprint. Payments are not available in group chats on iMessage.

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Apple Pay Cash goes live in the U.S. for Apple Watch users in the United States. From there, Apple Pay Cash will take a few seconds to activate.

After this is completed, the Apple Pay button at the bottom of a conversation in Messages is seen.

Now a U.S. exclusive, there's no timeframe for the eventual global rollout.

For bank transfers, users can transfer a minimum of $1 or up to $3,000 on a single bank transaction. More sports services will be added in future, Apple said. You can not add more than $10,000 over a 7-day period.

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