Published: Sun, December 03, 2017
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Margot Robbie Is Returning As Harley Quinn In An EPIC Way

Margot Robbie Is Returning As Harley Quinn In An EPIC Way

Horowitz asked Robbie if she'd produce the next movie that Harley Quinn appears in. "I honestly, I don't think anyone knows what's gonna be the next thing to happen, but I think everyone's keen to get Harley back onscreen, so everyone's working on lots of different versions of what that could be". I mean, it's hard to kind of talk about it, because all the stuff is kind of under lock and key.

Robbie's personal vision for Harley's next step is one that could fit either a solo movie or Gotham City Sirens, as it turns out.

"I want to see her with other women", Margot Robbie said.

During the interview, after stating that she can't say too much about the film, Robbie did say that no one has a solid idea as to what big thing is coming next in that film universe. Months before Amanda Waller's Task Force X hit had even theaters, the studio fast-tracked its first Harley Quinn spinoff feature starring the Gotham City Sirens. Margot Robbie too has become a "hot topic" of her own so to speak, with her acclaimed turn in the upcoming I, Tonya garnering her awards buzz and her circling of the role of Sharon Tate in the upcoming ninth Quentin Tarantino movie. "She loves meeting people, any people, but she needs her girl gang".

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"There's a lot going on right now and I'm not sure". Robbie has done a great job at portraying Quinn, so anything she's in should make for a fun film. "I kept saying it when we were shooting Suicide Squad, I was like, 'She needs her girlfriends, like she needs... she needs other girls around her, because she loves that". There are four Harley Quinn movies on the schedule and at least two more Wonder Woman films.

In September, Warner Bros. finally tapped Gavin O'Connor (The Accountant) to helm Suicide Squad 2.

"It's so weird when people want to know about you because you're like, wait, my whole job is not being me. Me?"

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