Published: Fri, December 01, 2017
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Actor Geoffrey Rush denies allegations of 'inappropriate behavior'

Actor Geoffrey Rush denies allegations of 'inappropriate behavior'

Now Rush has accused the theatre company of "smearing his name" over an allegation of "inappropriate conduct" during a STC production of King Lear in 2015.

His lawyers have vigorously denied the accusations, saying they had not been told what the complaint was actually over or what it involves.

The complaint was made after the play's run was over in January 2016.

When contacted by the publication about the claim, Rush's lawyers at HWL Ebsworth said in a statement that the actor had never been involved in any "inappropriate behaviour" and that his "regard, actions and treatment of all the people he has worked with has been impeccable beyond reproach".

Rush is one of Australia's most acclaimed actors.

The Daily Telegraph reports the Sydney Theatre Company (STC) said it received a complaint against the Oscar victor about alleged misconduct that had gone on for months.

"In the circumstances, if such a statement has been issued by the STC it is both irresponsible and highly damaging to say the least", the statement continued.

Mr Rush said he phoned Sydney Theatre Company management when he heard rumours of a complaint asking for clarification about the details of the statement. He said he had asked the STC for details of the allegations but none had been provided.

"However, no response was forthcoming".

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"The Company continues to work with the complainant to minimise the risk of future instances of the alleged behaviour occurring in its workplace", it said. At the time the complaint was made, the complainant requested that the matter be dealt with confidentially, and did not want Mr Rush notified or involved in any investigation.

"STC complied, acting in the interest of the complainant's health and welfare".

The spokeswoman for the STC said the theater company had received the complaint when "Mr. Rush's engagement with the Company had ended".

Rush made his debut with the STC in the 1982 in You Can't Take It with You with Alexander Hay and Gordon McDougall.

Rising young actor Meyne Raoul Wyatt, who appeared in King Lear, said he believed his castmate's version of events. However, Rush denies the allegations.

Rush won an Academy Award for best actor in 1997 for the film Shine and was named Australian of the year in 2012.

Two sources who spoke to The Daily Telegraph yesterday said Rush was made aware who made the claims in a conversation with executive director Patrick McIntyre three weeks ago.

Veteran actor Geoffrey Rush has now become entangled in the ongoing scandal currently making headlines.

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