Published: Thu, November 30, 2017
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Microsoft plans to expand Redmond campus

Microsoft plans to expand Redmond campus

Considering that Apple recently opened its new Apple Park campus and Amazon is looking for a second headquarters, Microsoft's expansion plans are not exactly surprising.

PixabayMicrosoft Redmond campus - what are the plans?

Microsoft plans a multibillion-dollar overhaul of its main campus in Redmond, Washington, adding space for 8,000 more workers and creating areas for collaboration and recreation as the company tries to keep up with growth in hiring and trends toward more open office spaces.

The extension of Microsoft's Redmond campus is a reflection of the company's recent growth, and it also follows other redevelopment projects at Microsoft's offices in Vancouver BC and London. The campus will include space for up to 55,000 employees-Microsoft now employs 47,000 people in the Redmond area. "As Microsoft continues to create the tools and services that are shaping the future of work, we can't think of a better time to modernize our campus into a model of ingenuity and innovation", explained Smith.

Many Americans have never played cricket, but Microsoft does have a lot of employees from India, including CEO Satya Nadella, who's a big fan of the game, and from other former British colonies.

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Work is expected to take between five and seven years to complete, coinciding with the planned 2023 arrival of a light rail station for the campus. "There's an opportunity to build a somewhat denser campus and create a somewhat more urban feel", Smith said. After the renovations, it will therefore have 131 buildings, with modern workspace for the 47,000 employees at the campus, plus room to expand operations and add up to 8,000 more. It expects the project will create 2,500 construction and development jobs.

Usually, technology companies keep expanding their campus to integrate new technology. The expansion will also include $150 million in transportation infrastructure updates, public spaces, sports fields, and a green space.

Working in Redmond's Pacific Northwest Douglas firs to boost productivity and creativity for Microsoft employees.

"We've focused on the cultural transformation of the company".

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