Published: Thu, November 30, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Eight donkeys jailed for eating flowers outside prison

Eight donkeys jailed for eating flowers outside prison

Donkeys being jailed was an exemplary case of enforcing this principle in Uttar Pradesh.

Kamlesh didn't restrain them and the donkeys apparently loved the change from the daily fare they were fed.

First, a few UP cops decide to detain a herd of donkeys for destroying one of the state police stations' expensive plantations.

"Uttar Pradesh Police has nothing to do with their arrest or custody", the department said in a tweet to NDTV on Tuesday.

Believe it or not, two horses and two donkeys were rounded up and kept in the district jail in Uttar Pradesh's Jalun for nearly three days for allegedly damaging saplings in the prison premises.

They had reportedly munched their way through 500,000 Indian ruppees (around £5,800) worth of plants left outside.

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In fact, a policeman speaking to ANI on Monday admitted that the donkeys were detained for feasting on expensive plants and destroying flower pots placed outside the prison gates.

Sharma also said the animals were well known as mischief-makers in the area, the Times of India reports.

RK Mishra, Head Constable stated to media that hese donkeys had destroyed some very expensive plants which our senior officer had arranged for planting inside jail and despite warnings, the owner let loose his animals here. "Hence, I rounded them up", he said.

Kamlesh, then, approached police with his request to let the animals go free but the officials refused to release the donkeys for four days.

"I apologized and submitted an affidavit to the Jail Superintendent swearing in that his donkeys will never come near the jail in future".

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