Published: Wed, November 29, 2017
Entertaiment | By Minnie Bishop

YouTube Faces Fresh Advertiser Ban After Allegations Of Promoting Pedophilia

YouTube Faces Fresh Advertiser Ban After Allegations Of Promoting Pedophilia

Marketers that have frozen spending on YouTube over the issue include Adidas, Deutsche Bank, HP, Mars, Diageo and Cadbury.

This action comes after YouTube was found to be autofilling search results with pedophiliac terms, something that is quite alarming. Along with searches on "how to have your first kiss", users would see "how to save s*x with your kids".

It said it had immediately suspended advertising globally on YouTube and Google.

This doesn't stop there as there is a forum on Reddit internet platform called ElsaGate which has become a forum filled with problematic videos.

The Google-owned video-sharing platform told VICE News it has shut down more than 270 accounts and removed more than 150,000 disturbing videos of children in recent days. The company has also created policies that will age-restrict videos that have kid-friendly characters dealing with mature themes or adult humor.

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The move has yet to convince major companies from keeping their ads on the platform.


This is the second time in less than a year advertisers have fled YouTube.

Since June, Google has removed ads from three million videos that violated updated rules for advertisements in videos that contain family entertainment characters that engage in "violent, offensive or otherwise inappropriate behavior", even if its done for humor or satire.

Meanwhile, Google told Engadget it's not sure why YouTube's autocorrect system returned the aforementioned "profoundly disturbing" results; it removed them as soon as it was alerted to the problem.

HP, for one, said in a statement Monday to Variety that it immediately suspended all advertising worldwide on YouTube when it learned that one of its ads "was placed in a awful and inappropriate context". Uploaders would earn money from these companies for their radical content. It also lets the users track their data usage and preview videos before downloading or streaming. To have that equity destroyed or degraded by sub-optimum controls by any media vendor, ad-tech supplier or publisher is totally unacceptable to the ANA and its members.

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