Published: Wed, November 29, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

14 year old Fortnite cheater sued by Epic, defended by his Mother

14 year old Fortnite cheater sued by Epic, defended by his Mother

This software typically makes it easier to aim guns, allowing players to automate the act of defeating opponents. The mom digs her heels in hard, pointing out that the EULA, which Epic makes heavy mention of in its complaint alleging that the cheaters modified the game's code, requires that minors get permission from a parent of legal guardian in order to play Fortnight. What the company probably didn't know at the time, however, is that one of them is 14 years old, and his mother is now vigorously defending her son.

The mother - who appears to be either a lawyer, a friend or family member of one, or a very dedicated researcher - lays out an impressive case for why the suit against her son should be thrown out.

Her son did not help create the cheat software, but simply downloaded it as a user, and that Epic "has no capability of proving any form of modification".

She says that Fortnite's terms require parental consent for minors, and that she never gave this consent. In addition, she states that because they are not going after the website, they are "using a 14-year-old child as a scapegoat".

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The suit said some of the players publicly boasted about cheating and encouraged others to do the same, a practice that cost Epic lost sales and profits.

Epic explained the reasoning behind the lawsuit against the minor in a statement received via email: "This particular lawsuit arose as a result of the defendant filing a DMCA counterclaim to a takedown notice on a YouTube video that exposed and promoted Fortnite Battle Royale cheats and exploits". Epic is suing both of them for "infringing Epic's copyrights by injecting unauthorised computer code into the copyright protected code".

Online multiplayer games on different systems are plagued by people who use cheat codes or take advantage of flaws in the game's inner workings to gain an edge on other players who play fairly.

However, the 14-year old's mother has made a decision to fight the case on his son's behalf and has claimed that Epic Games is using them as scapegoats. Epic makes a teenager "scapegoat", because it is not able to cope with cheaters. After this though, Epic went a bit further by suing two cheaters, one of whom is a minor who chose to speak out about it on YouTube, and this is where things start getting more interesting and more complicated. The move didn't sit well with Epic, especially once the teen started streaming his matches using the cheats, broadcasting what he was using, and then asking for donations.

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