Published: Fri, November 24, 2017
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Bill Clinton faces fresh allegations of sexual assault by 4 women

Bill Clinton faces fresh allegations of sexual assault by 4 women

Mrs. Clinton said over the weekend at an Arkansas event honoring Bill that President Trump has "disgraced the office" because several women have accused him of sexual harassment and abuse.

Klein says he was informed by highly placed Democratic Party sources and an official who served on both the Clinton and Obama administrations.

A representative from Clinton's legal team has confirmed the existence of new allegations. According to Daily Mail, the former president allegedly assaulted the women in early 2000s.

These fresh allegations date-back to the period shortly after he left the White House in 2001.

The Telegraph reported that the incidents might have occurred when Clinton helped Burkle in his business and flew around in his private luxurious jets with flock of young women.

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Clinton has also in the past denied other sexual harassment allegations made against him. Because of the Harvey Weinstein scandal these women have chose to come forward. In the late 1990s, he settled a sexual assault case with Arkansas state worker Paula Jones for $850,000 and was literally impeached in 1998 for claiming to not have had sexual relations with Monica Lewinski (thereby perjuring himself under oath). "She put a shot right across the bow of the Clintons", Bannon told John Catsimatidis on AM970's "The Answer".

The source also admitted that "in the past, Hillary had a team of detectives that managed to silence a number of women in Little Rock who had complaints about Bill's unwanted sexual advances". "Hillary Clinton needs to stop, she needs to stop talking about this topic unless Bill Clinton wants to come forward and apologize for being a sexual harasser, for settling with women".

'Just don't, OK? - Unless you want to come to the table with some honesty'.

For a long time, the Clintons have lived by one set of standards, while the "deplorables", as Hillary likes to call them, have lived by another set.

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