Published: Wed, November 22, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Samsung's Foldable Galaxy X Support Page Appears Online

Samsung's Foldable Galaxy X Support Page Appears Online

No specs for the device are provided, so we're still left to wonder exactly what the Galaxy X will bring to the table. Samsung has now - though accidentally - confirmed the existence of the foldable phone and also its name.

It appears that the foldable Samsung Galaxy X smartphone will not be the only device of its kind to be unveiled next year. All these moves from Samsung are a direct response to Apple's Face ID on the iPhone X. Samsung's Galaxy S9 is expected to debut in early 2018, and as the date inches closer, we will be seeing more reports about the anticipated features on the device. Huawei is also rumoured to be joining the foldable phone club.

Sadly, all this recent activity hasn't revealed too much about the bendable device or exactly when we can expect it to launch, though the N0 in the model number suggests it might only be released in Korea.

Samsung has also been showing off bendable displays several times in the past though this is the first time the company has taken the rather bold decision to come up with a consumer grade product, even if it is touted to have a limited run of the market.

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Samsung has published a placeholder for its long-rumoured foldable smartphone - the Galaxy X - on its website, leading many to believe that it's preparing to showcase the handset at CES in January. This possibly means that the Galaxy X may also come at the same time - which is sometime around the end of February.

A report from last week claimed that the Samsung Galaxy X has already received Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certifications from South Korea's National Radio Agency.

According to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy X will have flip-phone design with two displays from which one will be flexible. In fact, it's the best price we've seen yet on Samsung's brilliant 2017 flagship phone and will run until the end of Black Friday itself. Therefore, the smartphone can bend "only" one side by using a multi-joint hinge.

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