Published: Tue, November 21, 2017
Markets | By Erika Turner

London buses will run on waste coffee grounds from today

London buses will run on waste coffee grounds from today

A new biofuel, which contains coffee oil, is being added to the London bus fuel supply chain.

The average Londoner consumes an impressive 2.3 cups of coffee every single day.

Royal Dutch Shell and clean technology company bio-bean will use waste coffee grounds to help fuel some of London's buses, the company said today. Biofuel made using waste products such as cooking oil and tallow from meat processing is already used in numerous capital's 9,500 buses, the report said. Bio-bean collects that waste from coffee shops and factories and processes the sludge into oil. This coffee oil is then mixed with mineral diesel to create the biofuel for London's buses. If it were exclusively combined with the mineral diesel that would produce enough fuel to power a London bus every day for a year.

There is no formal agreement in place between Transport for London and Bio-Bean to continue using the fuel source in the long term.

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Bio-bean estimates that Britain produces 500,000 tonnes of coffee grounds a year, most of which are discarded in landfills where they can emit harmful greenhouse gases. The switch also helps towards Britain's clean growth strategy.

Sinead Lynch, Shell's United Kingdom country chair, said: "We're pleased to be able to support bio-bean to trial this innovative new energy solution which can help to power buses, keeping Londoners moving around the city - powered in part by their waste coffee grounds".

Bio-bean and its partner, Argent Energy, have also already claimed they have enough coffee oil in order to run one bus for an entire year.

Shell's collaboration with bio-bean and Argent Energy is part of Shell's #makethefuture energy relay, which supports entrepreneurs by turning energy innovations into a positive impact for communities worldwide. Will the streets of London now smell of fresh coffee?

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