Published: Tue, November 21, 2017
Sports | By Brett Lawson

Donald Trump Wants the National Football League to Suspend Marshawn Lynch

Donald Trump Wants the National Football League to Suspend Marshawn Lynch

Lynch has been regularly sitting during the national anthem this season and did so again when his Oakland Raiders played the New England Patriots in Mexico City on Sunday.

Photographs from the game show Lynch first kneeling for the USA national anthem, and then standing up for the playing of Mexico's anthem.

Lynch has sat during the national anthem for the entire NFL season so far, and even sported a shirt that read "Everybody vs. Trump" in October during the height of Trump's criticism. Great disrespect! [The] next time the National Football League should suspend him for remainder of season. "Attendance and ratings way down", Trump tweeted.

Some NFL players also kneeled for the national anthem but stood for "God Save the Queen" during games played in London - but Trump did not address the matter then, according to NBC Sports.

The Boston Globe posted photos of Lynch, who came out of retirement to playing for Oakland this season, while both anthems were being played. Volin also noted that it is the "first time I've seen Lynch stand for the Mexican anthem", according to a November 19 tweet. On Aug. 13, Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio told reporters that he was not bothered by the player's decision. Supporters said that the demonstration was a peaceful protest against racial injustice, while critics asserted that it was disrespectful to US military service members and veterans.

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Meanwhile, Palaniswami blamed Sasikala's family for the search and said that the state government has nothing to do with it. He accused the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of being responsible for the raid at Jayalalithaa's house.

Donald Trump continues to add names to his list of pro-athletes who protest the national anthem for a cause bigger than the song's lyrics.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the controversy a year ago by first sitting then kneeling during the national anthem.

On Nov. 19, Trump also blasted National Basketball Association star LeVar Ball for not been sufficiently grateful.

On Sunday he lashed out against three college basketball players, who were released by Chinese authorities after intervention from Mr Trump. "I should have left them in jail!" he wrote.

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